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Senior Mismatch (2)“You don’t know how happy I am to put the word ‘Author’ after my name.” Sally states in her first part of her writing adventures.”It is now in the hands of a Developmental Editor” Stay tuned for more!

4 Instances of Me on front page of Google!

sally_connors2Howdy world! Today I am on top of the world! Sally’ Connor’s Bookshelf has made the front page of Google, just as CJ said and I feel very good.

CJ and I have put a lot of work into the site and now that my work has been exposed to the world, I feel very satisfied. I never thought I would reach these heights. I feel very empowered that the world can see and comment on my thoughts and skills.

Well, I have to get back at it.

If you have any thoughts  on my work, please comment below and let me know how I’m doing.

Thank you!

Keys, Guns and a Crystal Ball Part 1

Here it is, folks! I hope you enjoy the great work of BSAC.

BSAC brought in Melanie McQueen to write  playwriting class in November of 2011 BSAC.  Melanie pushed us to be our best and listened to rewrite after rewrite.   By the end of the class I presented it to The BSAC Players and they urged me to produce it. I had my first taste of directing at this time and loved it.  My play, “Keys, Guns and a Crystal Ball” was performed in June of 2012.  I was glad for the experience I received in Joseph’s class, as I had to dress the set for all five scenes and it was quite a job.  Had lots of help from resident artists in producing the backdrops.

Women on the VergeHere’s ANOTHER article mentioning Sally’s talents at Burbank Senior Arts Colony. 

Jason Black’s “Five steps to building a believable character arc

female-detective-0000058969After reading over the first draft of my novel, “Betrayal”, I realized I didn’t like Susan, my protagonist, because she showed little growth over the course of the novel. I searched the internet for articles on character growth – the character’s arc throughout the journey. I found many, but the following blog, Jason Black’s “Five steps to building a believable character arc” was one of the most helpful. My thanks to you, Jason Black.