My Latest Rewrite Updates

Hey All!
Sorry I haven’t written much! Been too darn busy but here’s the latest:
home_of_the_braveRemembering our Heroes who saved so many lives. Sometimes it get very difficult to understand the losses of such good people. We take people for granted every day, not realizing how short time is with them. As you see, I cherish every moment with friends and family. Enjoy your time with loved ones. Nothing lasts forever.
On a lighter note:
tapas_granada_1Tappas are the subject of my passion spark today. A tappa is a small bite. Being a writer, my first thought was the ellipse, the three dots that take a small bite out of the text you are writing. I’m sure Liz Connors didn’t mean that type of small bite. I convinced two of my friends to help me search for tappas. We ended up at Claim Jumper for their appetizer sampler. Tried spinach artichoke dip, southwest eggroll,lemon pepper zucchini, and mozzarella sticks. The spinach artichoke dip was delicious. Did it spark my passion? Not really. The southwest enroll was good. Spicy-ignited my tongue. The zucchini was blah. Mozzarella sticks had too much batter. Now comes the spark!!! Not a tappa but a delicious salted caramel mud pie. Another spark-a delicious passion fruit iced tea. It was a great afternoon with friends. Enjoyed myself and the experience really sparked my passion-my passion for life.
Passion spark for today is a book. My house is filled with books. My Kindle is filled with books and I am supposed to find ONE that ignites a passionate spark in me. It didn’t take long to identify the one book that lights up my life….It’s the book I am writing! If you have been following me, I’m on my 2nd rewrite. I am certainly passionate about it. Hopefully you will be too when I publish it.
Today’s passion spark is easy peasy. What car would spark my passion.. I want a DeLorean. And I want it outfitted with a flux capicitor so I can go back to the future. (Not much lightening here in southern california but I can be patient.) In fact, I’m so excited about this I’m renting “Back to the Future” tonight. Thanks Liz Connors for all the fun you’ve brought in my life the last few days.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll try to keep you posted on my re-write.
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