Keys, Guns and a Crystal Ball Part 1

Here it is, folks! I hope you enjoy the great work of BSAC.

BSAC brought in Melanie McQueen to write  playwriting class in November of 2011 BSAC.  Melanie pushed us to be our best and listened to rewrite after rewrite.   By the end of the class I presented it to The BSAC Players and they urged me to produce it. I had my first taste of directing at this time and loved it.  My play, “Keys, Guns and a Crystal Ball” was performed in June of 2012.  I was glad for the experience I received in Joseph’s class, as I had to dress the set for all five scenes and it was quite a job.  Had lots of help from resident artists in producing the backdrops.

Women on the VergeHere’s ANOTHER article mentioning Sally’s talents at Burbank Senior Arts Colony. 

The only way we can get our country back!

pREZWith the Oval Office at stake, the final price tag on next year’s election will be sky high. It’s predicted to total $5 billion. Politicians are talking to funders over constituents, listening to Big Money over voters. It’s no wonder that for years the interests of regular Americans have been collecting dust in the halls of Washington. Our government should be representing the will of the people, not the will of a few billionaires. It’s time we unite and wield the collective influence of people-power in order to unshackle our politicians from Big Money’s venomous grip. This movement is about grassroots action; here are six ways you can help fight back.