Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

I’m sitting here with about 10 million windows open, one of them being Skype, and working with my wonderful webmaster, C.J. Davidson, check him out at He is patiently trying to walk me through Twlitter, Google+, Pininterest, Linkindin and my blog page. Hence, this blog. Hope you enjoy reading it – I love writing it – I love writing anything.

Comma Coma

Need a break from my comma coma! Do you realize how many commas are in 235 pages of writing. Plus, (I believe that comma is correct) my beta readers don’t always agree on the placement of a comma, so I am left deep in the comma conundrum.

My Yoga Experience

Just came home from yoga. Been going twice a week for the eight years I have lived here. Talked to many people about what it means to “feel” your muscles relaxing. One of my artist friends told me she felt colors moving through her blood vessels relaxing her body. Tried that – got nowhere. This morning I was bringing my knee to my chest and trying to relax the muscles. GUESS WHAT? I actually “saw” words coursing through my veins and felt my muscles relax. Never to late to teach an old dog new tricks!!!